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Your journey with Jesus

Battered by life’s storms? Not sure of your direction?

A safe Harbor can help you launch—or continue—your journey with Jesus. 

Perhaps your journey has taken you through rough seas, and your ship is battered and torn. Perhaps you’re sailing in calm seas, but you want to continue to grow spiritually.

Harbor is a loving church community that wants to help you on your journey. Whether you need a place for healing or an opportunity to reflect and evaluate, we welcome you as we all continue to grow in our faith together.


  • Launching: Desires to pray and study God’s Word, but hasn’t made time for it yet.

  • Exploring: Prays and studies God’s Word sporadically or when it’s convenient.

  • Cruising: Prays and studies God’s Word regularly.

  • Sailing: Has an unquenchable desire and excitement to know more about God. Sacrificially carves out time in their life for prayer, study, and reflection.


  • Launching: Desires to begin worshiping, but hasn’t prioritized it yet.

  • Exploring: Beginning to encounter God in worship services.

  • Cruising: Attends as much as possible and is fully engaged in worshiping God.

  • Sailing: Worship is not just something done on Sundays, but it’s a daily expression of their love for God.


  • Launching: Beginning to give back some of their resources to God.

  • Exploring: Gives sporadically or when it’s convenient.

  • Cruising: Gives regularly out of a sense of gratitude for all God’s blessings.

  • Sailing: Gives to God regularly, thoughtfully, sacrificially, unselfishly, and joyfully.


  • Launching: Desire to serve others and God, but hasn’t made space in their life for it yet.

  • Exploring: Beginning to give time in the service of others and God.

  • Cruising: Involved in regular service to others and God.

  • Sailing: Passionately engaged in regular service to others and God, and gains immense joy in seeing others experience the love of Jesus.


  • Launching: Becomes more intentional about making their life reflect the love of Jesus.

  • Exploring: Their life is just beginning to resemble the love of Jesus.

  • Cruising: Open to sharing their faith with others. Proclaims to the world Jesus’ love through their actions.

  • Sailing: Shares their faith for the purpose of helping others grow closer to Christ. Others see Jesus through their life.

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