10:10 – 10:50 am Sundays

Children, Room 206B, use Deep Blue, a United Methodist curriculum

Youth, room 235 – Christian Rutherford leads the youth Discipleship Group

The Deeper Journey , room 232 – Pastor Russ Nanney
The Deeper Journey discipleship class that meets at 10:15 on Sundays in room 232 is beginning work centered on Anti-Racism, with the goal to grow spiritually and to increase our openness to all people. We are beginning with a discussion this Sunday on Wilmington’s own history with race, particularly the coup of 1898 and how it dramatically shaped Wilmington’s future. This will be our foundation for future Biblical discussions about Anti-Racism in the following weeks. 
In preparation, you’re invited to watch this short summary of the Wilmington coup (12 minutes): https://youtu.be/LVQomlXMeek. You can also watch this interview with David Zucchino, the author of Wilmington’s Lie (18 minutes): https://youtu.be/os23nj92SsY. For those who wish to dig deeper, you can also read Wilmington’s Lie by David Zucchino. 
Everyone is welcome to join us. We hope you’ll join us this Sunday!
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